Michelin is developing its Lifestyle products via the licensing model. This involves finding the most suitable companies around the world to become licensees of the MICHELIN brand.

Licensees are selected based on a number of criteria such as; their understanding of and commitment to the Michelin brand and business, their scope for innovation, their track record, the quality of their products and manufacturing process and the strength of their marketing and distribution.

The intention therefore is to work with companies who are experts in their field. It is not intended for Michelin to divert its attention from its core business activities and start manufacturing the products itself.

Today the MICHELIN licensing program comprises more than 75 licensees distributing MICHELIN products at a global level across three broad product categories:

1. Automotive and Cycle Accessories

Practical accessories designed to enhance mobility under the MICHELIN brand


2. Footwear

Today this comprises two areas:

• High specification footwear for work and leisure developed under the MICHELIN brand
• Sports and leisure footwear, under third party brand, which is developed through technical collaborations with third patry brand owners. Michelin contributes its tyre-related technology and expertise which translates into performance gains for consumers, typically in terms of grip and durability


3. Gifts, collectibles, apparel and personal accessories promoting Michelin’s heritage and brand associations

Collection of products developed under the MICHELIN brand and under third party brands

If you are interested in finding out more about MICHELIN’S licensing program, or are interested in becoming a licensee, please complete the form below.

Terms and Conditions

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